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Outdoor speakers, much like those we use inside, are meant to deliver your audio as precisely as possible. Actually, they often have to work harder at doing so as they are in an imperfect acoustic environment. In a room, loudspeakers can be optimized for the size and geometry of a confined space, and their sound can be tuned to operate effectively within that space. Outside, there are no walls to contain your sound, so it can sound less than optimal and dissipate quickly.

One technique for utilizing your outdoor speakers more effectively is to harness their “directionality”. Mounting them high on the side of your house may allow them to be heard, but the full experience might be a bit lacking. Many outdoor speakers often come with, or can be attached to, various mounting apparatus. Many of these brackets are articulated enough to allow your speakers to be positioned, or aimed, in a particular direction. By focusing the acoustic energy into a certain space, whatever you listen to will be more defined and generally sound better. Try to determine where people might congregate more frequently, such as at a BBQ grill area, a hot tub, or a common seating location. By towing your speakers in to cover such spaces more specifically, the quality of the sound in those areas will be enhanced.

Another factor to bear in mind is amplifier power. A 60-watt amplifier may be more than adequate to power speakers in a bedroom, but may fall short of delivering riveting audio to your entire back yard. Depending on the real estate you wish to cover, a combination of speaker placement and sufficient amplifier power to overcome the ‘containment’ deficit will likely yield more satisfactory results. If multiple pairs of speakers are called for, the area you wish to cover is very large, or the loudspeakers themselves require a lot of power to sound good, an external amplifier dedicated to the outdoor zone may be required.

Revience can help you design an outdoor listening environment that will maximize your listening enjoyment, as well as that of your guests. There are many speaker and amplifier options to pick from, and we will work with you to determine what the best solution would be. Once a proper outdoor speaker system is in place, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!