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Video surveillance is an integral part of most modern security systems, whether residential or commercial. Acting not only as a significant deterrent to criminal activity, they can provide record of whatever transgression may have occurred should that become necessary. Equipment can vary greatly by application, ranging from a simple door-video intercom that allows you to see who is at your door to elaborate, multi-camera configurations with recording and remote video streaming capabilities.

Video security used to be an expensive proposition. Hundreds of feet of wiring had to be snaked through crawl spaces or attics, and in some cases even your walls would need to be breached for proper installation. The expense and inconvenience precluded many people for purchasing such systems, unless the home was under construction and wires could be run wherever they needed to be.

Today, wireless video surveillance has become a common and affordable means of adding a critical layer to your security application. Cameras may be placed nearly anywhere, the system can be expanded easily, and remote access to your video material is often an app away. Imagine being able to see who is at your door while on vacation in another state. Imagine being able to check in on the kids from your office. You get a notification from your alarm provider in the middle of the night – imagine being able to ‘look into’ your commercial property without having to get up and drive there. All of these things are not only possible, but are becoming the norm.

Networked webcams, smartphone-enabled control, various resolutions and focal abilities, indoor or outdoor configurations, integration with your existing video displays at home and remote access from anywhere put you in total control. Revience is expert in the field of home and commercial security, and can help you design a solution that takes into account exactly what you wish to be able to do and who will be using the system.