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Although many will deny it, various social trends tend to validate the “bigger is better” frame of mind. Bigger airplanes, larger SUVs, taller buildings, Super-Sized fries – we seem to subconsciously gravitate toward the next improvement, the upgrade from what is readily available, and the more impressive version of whatever is being considered. These trends also tend to be cyclical, to some extent. Back in the 70s, if your home stereo speakers weren’t the size of a refrigerator, then you had no right to brag. But as time went on, smaller speaker “cubes” and “satellites” became the flavor of choice. Even those semi-sized SUVs have started to shrink a bit, boasting greater fuel efficiency and better technologies instead.

So where do we stand in terms of your Home Theater? It’s a mixed bag, really. While the size of our screens has been gradually creeping up with 70+ inch monitors and wall- sized front projection, other components no longer have to take up the rest of your living room. Significant developments in loudspeaker technologies now provide greater efficiency and unparalleled sonic accuracy from moderate, if not small, speaker systems. While the most diminutive speakers still fill a need for listening to audio in smaller spaces or those where the architecture demands a lesser footprint, high quality can be attained from equipment of modest dimension.

A great Home Theater must be designed with purpose in mind. A thorough and professional evaluation of the room in which it will operate will often define the “what” and “how much” of an appropriate system. Sure, you can go with 7.1 or 9.1 or eventually 11.1, but if the room is not big enough to support that much audio, then the results will likely be counterproductive.

Revience specializes in determining the best fit for the task at hand. “Size matters not” when it comes to quality equipment selected and installed by an expert. The focus needs to be on what gear will function optimally in the given environment, what the client’s expectations are, and the budget for your project. If you can afford an intermediate level of home theater, then you can be assured that it will sound spectacular relative to your investment. If you have no monetary restraint, your system may still not be the biggest one on the block, but it will certainly be the best sounding one!