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Indeed, the Coronavirus has not completely dissipated, despite our best efforts. Families everywhere are continuing to practice sanitation procedures, including deep-cleaning their homes, carrying hand sanitizer, and generally working to maintain a more germ-free home environment.

What if we told you, though, that by fundamentally changing the way you interact with your home’s appliances—your lights, your thermostats, your blinds, your electronics—that you could radically change the way your family fights germs for the better? Let’s put it this way: conventional light switches, thermostats, blinds, and electronics require one thing to work: a human touch. When your family makes contact with all of these items successively, they can rapidly spread germs throughout your home. Since you obviously can’t follow all of your house-mates around with a canister of disinfecting wipes 24/7, this means that these germs can lie in wait on surfaces, searching for just the right opportunity to leap out and infect the ones you love. Despite your best cleaning efforts, when a group of people must use the same items day in and day out to live their modern lives, there will be the potential for the spread of disease. It simply cannot be completely avoided.

Completely avoided, no, but greatly reduced, yes—if you invest in home automation technologies, that is! Such technologies function as their name implies; they make easier and more innovative certain processes, such as turning off the lights or activating your speakers. While they make your home synergize with your life, can help you save energy, and, in certain contexts, can even aid in your home’s security, they also have extremely practical applications when it comes to reducing the spread of germs in your home.

Revience, an Edina home automation company, explains these applications below.

Reduce the Items your Family Must Touch with Smart Home Systems

A subset of home automation technologies, smart home systems enable various aspects of your day-to-day life to be controlled by a smartphone or a similar piece of technology—sometimes a singular control panel. As stated above, this is incredibly convenient, but it also greatly simplifies your cleaning and sanitation processes. For example, imagine not having to run around your house, wiping down light switches anymore. Simply instruct everyone to control the lighting from the device or control panel and leave it at that. If you have reason to be worried about the spread of disease, you can even put everyone in charge of sanitizing their own personal devices. On the other hand, if your home is wired up with a control panel, periodically sanitizing that is still better than tracking down each lightswitch in your home and constantly fretting that you’ve missed one. Home automation technologies enable your cleaning routine to be more stress-free—and we all need a little bit of relief in that respect these days!

Home automation systems and home control systems don’t just stop with your lights, though; you can automate countless other objects to make your cleaning routines easier and help stop the spread of germs.

●        Smart thermostats can be adjusted from your cell phone, just like your lights | Have a certain family member who is constantly messing with the thermostat, much to the irritation of others? While we might not be able to fix that problem, we can still help with taking your thermostat controls to the digital realm. Just like with your lights, you’ll experience less of a hassle in your day-to-day cleaning, and your family can reap the benefits of well-done sanitation.

●        Have audiophiles in your family? We’ve got you covered | Whole-house audio can now be controlled entirely with your voice. No-touch required! Imagine how many fewer germs will be spread and how much more at ease you will feel.

●        Blinds are an often-ignored area when it comes to cleaning. Automate yours and worry less | Ever think about how much touch is required to open the blinds, especially if yours are old or otherwise finicky? If you haven’t sanitized your blinds, perhaps it’s time you started—or reduce your stress in the future with automated blinds.

Revience Can Attend to All of Your Home Automation Needs

Of course, home automation aids sanitation, but there are countless other benefits to investing in it, too; give us a call to find out more! You can also read our blog, wherein we dive into all the wondrous things these technologies can do for your life and your family.

Are you interested? You can’t go wrong with Enhanced Home Solutions. Not only are we licensed electricians, but we’re also experts in everything from home automation to home security cameras. Our individualized approach to doing business, combined with the wide variety of products we have available, means that we easily and seamlessly can adjust our service to meet your needs to a T. For more information about how we can help you, drop us a line at 852-941-5289.