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With the multitude of choices consumers have in home electronics equipment today, there are also several schools of thought on the related services.

At Revience, we understand that our clients live in the real world, with different expectations and levels of proficiency with technology. With this in mind, unlike many other home automation and home security pros, we offer customizable services that can be tailored specifically to what a given homeowner needs. Below you’ll learn about the three overarching categories that describe what we do so that you can pick one that’s perfect for your setup and circumstances.

The Premier Approach: The Kit and Caboodle

For the person who wants their system designed, installed and fully integrated, we present the ‘Premier Approach’. Truly a complete solution, this option provides design, sales, education, installation, operations training, and service. 

If you’re the type that’s seeking “all that plus the kitchen sink,” this approach is it. Stress-free and seamless, this method is one that our home automation company technicians will hold your hand the entire way through. You’ll get input on everything from system design to firsthand help on how to use your new tech in ways that help you get the most of it.

Who This Approach Is For

If you don’t have much experience with new technology or your current home automation control system is complicated or extensive, we thoroughly recommend this approach. This helps avoid problems such as a lack of interconnectivity, a complex topic we detail in our home automation company blog.

It’s also great for homeowners and homes that have never seen the help of a home automation installer before. As Phys discusses, even older homes can be made “smart,” so don’t be afraid of this technology if this describes your situation. We’re here to help!

The DIY Approach: For the Experienced Adventurer

For those well-versed in the ways of the A/V system, we accommodate with the ‘Do It Yourself’ option. The DIY approach offers a high degree of flexibility for the ambitious installer. You’ll undertake the entire installation process yourself, but with the advice and expertise of the pros at Revience ready to help if needed.

Perhaps you just need help with the television mounting and have the rest covered, or maybe everything but the intricacies of A/V system design is within your abilities. Whatever the case, if you just need our help for a facet or two of the process, we’re more than happy to provide.

Who This Approach Is For

Perhaps you’ve owned home automation systems for so long that you more than know your way around them. Perhaps you like the thrill of trial and error or of educating yourself. Either way, the DIY approach should only be taken by those who have experience with technology and are comfortable having the process take a bit longer—and involve a lot more effort—than it would with the help of a pro.

Buy Your Own Gear: For Those Who Know What They Want

Finally, you might already have some or all of the equipment you need. To this, you can still add the value of our education, design or installation with the ‘Bring (or Buy) Your Own Gear’ method. Diehard smart home automation fans might, for instance, love a given brand and therefore not fear interconnectivity issues, but still need help setting the complex system up in a way that maximizes its efficiency.

Who This Approach Is For

As we mentioned above, interconnectivity can be an issue if you’re mixing and matching gear; this approach is for people who know, for whatever the reason may be, that the tech they have will work with their current setup. It’s also for customers who have a cursory idea of how they’d like the piece of tech to work—hence why they bought it—but just need help putting the entire picture together.

Get the Home Automation Tech of Your Dreams With Revience

Whatever it takes, we are here to make the process of enabling your home entertainment as easy and efficient as possible. For stress-free, seamless service—whatever that means for you—reach Revience’ Edina office today at 952-941-5289.