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Automated, motorized shades provide homeowners with the ability to control the amount of daylight allowed into any living space. No more tangled pull-strings, unlevel blinds or inconvenience of having to operate your shades manually. Some windows may be more difficult to access based on the layout of furniture, so you won’t have to perform a balancing act on the armrest of your couch to reach them.

One of the many facets of home automation is electronic shade control. We carry the industry gold standards for shade control at Revience – Lutron and QMotion. As either part of greater home automation architecture or a stand-alone system, there are a number of benefits in being able to manage the passage or obstruction of light.

Aesthetically speaking, automated shades are beautiful. Available in many colors, styles and finishes, they impart elegance to your lifestyle that is hard to beat. Whisper quiet and precise in their operation, you’ll think you’re on a starship when the blinds all rise in absolute unison!

Economically speaking, automated shades will save you money. Utilizing natural light can do several things, including reducing the need for electric lighting, and warming your home in the winter, thus reducing the cost of heating to a certain extent. Conversely, blocking out the sun’s heat in the summer will alleviate air conditioning expenses.

Functionally speaking, automated shades can be set to operate by a number of triggers. These can include, but are not limited to, remote operation, programmed operation, or environmental operation such as cued by light sensors.

Other benefits include privacy as needed and less UV fatigue on your furniture, flooring and art, which can in turn save money on having to eventually replace furniture or refinish floors. Convenience, energy efficiency and savings come together in a fully installed solution that will enhance your lifestyle.