Multi Room Video

Multi-Room Home Video Distribution

Multi-Room Video Distribution is a centralized system that allows playback and control of video content throughout an entire home or building.  Current whole house video systems rely mostly on HDMI distribution equipment, in the form of splitters, baluns, or matrixes that can route various sources to different displays.

 Advantages of a Video Distribution System:

  • Send a Cable Box, Bluray, or other signal to every TV!
  • Cut down on monthly cable box rental fees.
  • Centralize all of your gear! Allowing clean walls free of cabinetry/clutter.

A whole house video system often has a number of display devices throughout the residence, and control options may include keypad controllers, touch panel / LCD controllers or app-based operation from a smart phone or tablet. These typically offer complete control of the system, allowing users to select the content they wish to view, adjust volume and other settings, as well as chose which screens to view the programming on.

We design the solution based on your input – what do you want it to do, where do you need it, and how will you use it?  At Revience, we offer many of the top Video Distribution brands in the industry, including Zektor, Leaf, Atlona, and Binary to name a few.  Paired with a great control system, and TV or projector, your multi-room video distribution solution is waiting to take flight.

From the most basic system that involves merely routing your video from an equipment closet to the flat screen TV mounted above your fireplace, to the most complex array of switching between many sources and many displays – we do them all, and we do them well!


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