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Home Theater refers to home entertainment systems that strive to reproduce a movie theater experience with the use of audio and video equipment in your home. Systems of this type usually consist of a large projected image or flat TV screen, a surround sound receiver and multiple speakers of various configurations, augmented with low-frequency subwoofers.

The first documented use of surround sound was in 1940, for the Disney studio’s animated film Fantasia.  Since then, surround sound has evolved exponentially, with many advanced digital encoding methods used to generate the information, which is then decoded and reproduced accordingly by the equipment in your home.  In most cases, surround sound systems rely on the mapping of each source channel to its own loudspeaker. Matrix processors recover the number and content of the source channels and apply them to their respective home theater speakers.

The most common type of speaker today is the dynamic speaker, invented in 1925 by Edward W. Kellogg and Chester W. Rice. A dynamic speaker operates on the same basic principle as a microphone, but in reverse, to generate sound from an electrical signal.  Many other driver designs are in use today – including horn loudspeakers, electrostatic, ribbon and planar speakers, and piezoelectric drivers – to name just a few.  Each design brings its own acoustic characteristics to the table of sound reproduction, and as such, must be properly incorporated into the design of a system if it is to yield the desired performance.  Should my front speakers by wall-mounted or can they be in the ceiling?  Where should all of my speakers be placed relative to my seating area?  Do I need a 5.1 or 7.1 system?  Must I purchase a separate subwoofer or will my tower speakers suffice?  These are all good questions, and we not only have the answers, but can also help you understand the technology that you intend to spend your hard-earned money on.

Our expertise in consumer electronics and the auditory sciences allows us to design and deploy some of the best sounding home theater speaker systems possible.  The entire experience can only be as good as the sum of its parts, which includes not only the equipment, but our proficiency and competence in such affairs.  Stop in and see why Revience has a reputation is as solid and the products and services we offer.