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Home automation systems are surprising things all on their own. Who knew there existed technology specifically for hands-free opening of your blinds, and who knew what a difference in day-to-day goings-on such technologies could make?

Indeed, the help of a home automation company can revolutionize the way you live your life, often in ways that might have never even occurred to you before your home was serviced.

Smart lighting control can help you cut down on your power bills.

Are you constantly nagging your kids to turn the lights off, or do you always find yourself fighting a losing battle to keep your electricity bills down? Installing a smart home lighting system can help!

At the touch of a screen or the push of the button, you can control your entire lighting system from a singular location, practically eliminating the chore of checking to make sure your lights are off. Forget to do a house-wide run-through before you leave for work? Just whip out your phone and shut things down from there. This is such a worthwhile innovation, as the savings will speak for themselves. 

Smart thermostats allow seamless homewide temperature control.

Imagine speaking to your home to control its internal temperature – it’d feel like you’re commanding a spaceship in some sci-fi novel! You can live that feeling each and every day with the help of smart thermostats.

Aside from feeling really cool, this obviously has more practical implications, too. Save on your electricity bills just like you would with smart lighting control and keep your home at a constant comfortable temperature from the relaxing space of your very own couch. Out for the day? Manage the atmosphere remotely and come back to a toasty warm or refreshingly cool house.

Home automation systems make centralized commanding simple.

How much time do we spend walking from lightswitch to blinds to the audio system, getting our home ready for the day ahead? Not much on a day-to-day basis, of course, but over the course of a lifetime, this sure adds up. Make the most of your home automation systems with a centralized control panel and watch as your living becomes seamless and simple.

Indeed, the uses for home automation systems are diverse. They can fix problems you didn’t even know existed and save time where you didn’t know it can be saved. However, these are just the more obvious uses for these technologies – the ones written in product descriptions and the like.

While these uses are of course valid (why else would such a piece of tech be designed in the first place), home automation technologies have practical applications far beyond what they might seem to at first – or second, or third – glance.

Home automation is a huge help to the elderly.

With old age comes a general slowing down, and this can make taking care of a home incredibly difficult. Chores like cooking are hard enough on their own, especially with the all-too-common conditions of arthritis and bone disease. While moving in between rooms to complete essential tasks like turning on and off lights might not bother a young person too much, it thus certainly can take a toll on an aging body.

The elderly deserve independence should they so choose. They’ve contributed so greatly to society. Home automation can make this independence feasible by providing a physically easy way to control a home’s functions, making staying on one’s own not only possible, but easy.

Plus, with innovative and customizable solutions from Revience, the elderly can enjoy the same life-changing benefits that home automation would provide to any other age group, regardless of how tech-savvy (or not) they are.

Home automation can make life easier for people with disabilities.

Living with a disability is challenging, and mobility-related ones can drastically reduce the quality of a person’s day-to-day life. While there’s certainly no shame in needing help, there’s also a universal need, to some degree, to experience independence, at least psychologically. Being unable to complete everyday tasks, such as turning on and off lights, can be incredibly frustrating!

For anyone living with a disability, home automation can revolutionize their way of life. Energy once used for simple tasks can now be reserved for more complex ones. Centralizing control of a house’s essential functions means an easier, simpler, yet more fulfilling life for individuals of this demographic.

Contact Revience for Comprehensive Home Automation Help

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can benefit from home automation. In fact, we’ve written an entire home control systems blog about how awesome it is!

That said, home automation works best when it’s fit to your needs, which is where we at Revience excel. Our Edina team would be thrilled to show you the possibilities opened up by this branch of technology, so send us a message today, or give us a call at 952-941-5289.