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Many people, when they hear the word “generator,” think of a machine straight out of a science fiction novel—or, if they’re of the outdoorsy type, the real-world versions used for camping might come to mind. But as generator electricians ourselves, we at Revience know that generators are so much more than fictional follies or camping conveniences. They’re versatile and reliable devices that can save any homeowner in a pinch. We believe that they’re at home, well, in anybody’s home!

Did you come here to learn more about home generator installation and find out if you may be a good candidate? You’re in the right place. We’re all too happy to share our passion for these wonderful machines. Below, we’ll talk about home generators: what they are, what they’re used for, and who might make use of them in their household—though perhaps we’ve already spoiled that last part.

Home Generator Basics Straight from a Generator Electrician

Whether you’re a sci-fi fan, a camper, or neither, you probably already know that generators have something to do with electrical power—and you’d be right! They essentially function as a backup battery of sorts for your home’s power supply. In the event of an unexpected outage, these devices can keep important facets of your household running, such as your home security and home automation systems, as well as various appliances, your heat, sump pump, and more.

Generators come in many makes and brands, but, generally speaking, they’re divided into the following three categories. There really is a generator for every need!

●        Standard generators | These respectable machines provide enough juice to power your most-needed items in times of need, such as your fridge and lights. They are permanent outdoor appliances that can be hooked up directly into your home’s electrical system—though, of course, they don’t draw their power from there! A talented generator electrician can use this connection and give your standard generator the ability to sense automatically when your power is out. No need to scramble around in the dark for power: your standard generator has got you covered.

●        Whole-house generators | Powerful and extensive, whole-house generators can power your entire home in a pinch. This means that all of your appliances will simply go on working as if the generator was never in use! Like standard generators, they remain permanently outside your home and can turn on automatically. Whole-house generators are the ultimate in convenience, safety, and luxury; if you really must have it all, this is the type of generator for you.

●        Portable generators | While we do not recommend these generators to our home generator installation customers, we feel they still deserve mention, as they are indeed a common type of generator. Useful for small-scale operations such as camping or tailgating, portable generators are, as the name implies, mobile, but they often lack the strength and reliability your home needs to stay running in a crisis. If you’re a homeowner who needs a device that performs when you need it to and has the power to keep your home afloat, please consider whole-house generators or a standard generator.

As you can see, both standard and whole-house generators can serve all sorts of homeowners well, from those who just need the basic appliances running in a jam to those who desire the utmost in luxury. That’s a huge demographic—who could live without a fridge or their home’s temperature controls? While nearly anyone can benefit from a generator, you’re an especially good candidate for one if you:

●        Work from home | Plenty of people, from those employed full-time to independent contractors, rely on power to get their work done. A lack of electricity could mean a drastic loss of income, especially for those who get paid on a work-completed basis. If you work from home and haven’t invested in home generator installation, you’re essentially tempting fate.

●        Live in an area subject to harsh weather | Can we say Minnesota, anyone? Storms and snow alike can mean that a powered home in this state can be as capricious as the weather itself. In these cases, having enlisted the services of a generator electrician can mean the difference between life and death, as our frigid winters can quickly cause health problems without a heat source to stave them off.

●        Share your home with vulnerable individuals | From the extremely elderly to those with special medical needs, power outages can render themselves not only stressful to certain groups but downright hazardous. If you care for or coexist with anyone who relies on the power for their very life, a generator is not only a backup power source—it becomes so much more.

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