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In commercial and home movie theaters, the screen is a reflective surface onto which a video projector casts its content.  It may either be designed for high contrast in moderate ambient light, or embedded with small glass beads for high brilliance in a dark environment. Some screens even have hundreds of small, evenly spaced perforations to facilitate acoustic transparency for speakers which can be installed directly behind it. There are several types of screens in use with home theater systems today.  

Rigid or fixed frame, wall-mounted screens maintain their geometry perfectly just like movie theater screens, which makes them suitable for applications that demand precise image integrity. These are typically permanent installations, so room architecture and décor must be taken into consideration.

Pull-down screens, also known as manual screens, are often used in spaces that are not conducive to a permanently installed screen. These commonly use a specialized fabric that rolls up into the screen casing when not in use.

Electric screens can be wall or ceiling mounted. Although similar to pull-down screens, an electric motor raises and lowers the screen in this configuration. These screens are usually operated using a remote control or wall-mounted switch, although some projectors are equipped with a triggering output that connects to the screen and automatically lowers or raises it based on the projectors’ operating status. As with pull-down screens, a significant advantage is the conservation of real estate in your home. You do not need to dedicate an entire wall to only one application-specific purpose.

At Revience, we offer the top Home Theater Screen brands in the industry – Stewart Filmscreen and Dalite. Theater screen installation is a necessary service we provide, as it is a critical element in any high-performance home cinema system. Screen dimensions and aspect ratios are relevant to the distance at which the projector is operating, and the screen material itself is often the single most crucial variable in the overall performance.  

When considering a home cinema system that will take you well above and beyond what ordinary television displays have to offer, stop in so that we can show you the many options at your disposal. With years of experience and the knowledge to put together a system that will never cease to amaze you, shop for your new projector and screen with confidence at Revience!