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When you’re securing your home, you want protection that’s top-to-bottom; there’s no question about that. What there is a grey area surrounding, though, is how you should go about it. Both home security camera systems and alarms, when installed properly and with consideration of the final comprehensive needs, can provide you with the peace of mind and all-over protection from thieves and other criminals that you need and deserve. While you can never have too much security, sometimes budget concerns may come into play, and sometimes a given system type may suit a given family’s style better than another.

Revience is here to clear the air about these two complimentary home security categories. Below, you’ll find a helpful how-to on how to choose the right one for you—and if building your own system out of a mixture might just be the perfect fit.

Consider What you Need Protected Most

Both alarm systems and home security cameras are adept at protecting the family home; that’s now what we’re getting at here. What parts of your family home you want the most emphasis on will greatly affect the security system you pick to do the job; their unique properties make each of them a better fit for some situations over others.

If you Need the Yard Protected

Both systems can work well, but we’d recommend sticking closer to an audio alarm in this context. While it can’t take video footage of the intruder like a home security system installation can, alarm systems do an excellent job at stopping anyone who happens to cross an area’s perimeter in their tracks. Using a combination of sound, light, and contacting the authorities, they can let any would-be thief know that, if they choose to continue, they aren’t likely to get very far. They’re also likely to rouse anyone inside of the house, further making crossing the yard an unappealing option for a burglar.

Yard protection is useful if you tend to have valuables that must be stored outdoors, such as a car that won’t fit in your passcode protected garage, or pricey lawn ornaments.

If You Want Views to the Inside of Your Home

Then it’s a home security camera installation you need! Quite a few clients of ours take comfort in being able to check out what’s going on at home from anywhere—the office, vacation, you name it. Alarms can keep what matters most safe, too, but seeing that safety with your own eyes does wonders for the peace of mind. Plus, this feature can be used for more than simply security. Check out our home security system company blog “Home Security: More Than Just Security” for some clever ways having an eye in the sky can streamline your life.

Consider Budget

At Enhanced Home Solutions, we’re proud to provide a variety of budget-friendly options for all sorts of home security needs, and with our attentive team at your side, you won’t need to struggle to find them. However, as a broad and general statement, home security camera system add-ons tend to be more expensive than alarm system add-ons. If you want to get an expansive system for less money, alarms might be for you—but this isn’t a be-all, end-all statement. Explore your options with us and you very well might find yourself surprised.

Put the Two Together for Maximum Effect

Why must you restrict yourself to one system or the other? Why not spice things up with a bit of both? We’re firm believers that alarm systems and home security camera systems compliment one another’s strengths; when they come together, they become something much bigger and better than they could ever hope to be on their own.

Your All-in-One Crime-Busting Solution

An alarm system on its own can, and will, deter intruders—who wouldn’t run at a sudden noise and bright light? Thus, these systems can, and will, protect your belongings and loved ones. That being said, home security cameras can do one thing that alarm systems can’t: capture clear footage of the intruder. With such footage in-hand, you can take action and, by providing evidence, help the authorities catch the perpetrator.

When installed together, these two systems work in tandem to provide the ultimate in criminal protection. Not only will you have tech that can take immediate action to keep you safe, you’ll also have tech that helps to retrieve what you lost—and all at a budget that fits your needs. On top of that, you’ll also get the added convenience of a home security system with cameras that we covered earlier. What more could you ask for?

Revience:  Your Home, Your Security, Your Way

As providers of home security systems with cameras and alarm systems to boot, we’re here to help arm your home against anything that comes your way. Give our Edina office a call now at 952-941-5289.