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So many choices…

One look around some of today’s technologically savvy homes may leave you inspired, but also make you question the feasibility of having such a system yourself. When a new home is built with the intent of being a ‘smart home’, many of the prerequisite elements are addressed during construction. Wiring infrastructure, switching hardware and other requirements are installed prior to completion of the structure, facilitating the deployment of countless automation options. Lighting, HVAC, security, audio, video and data control allow the homeowner to customize their lifestyle as they see fit.

What do I need?

Although retrofitting an existing home to support automation may seem like a daunting task, that may not always be necessary. Some home automation systems rely on a relatively basic interconnectivity between components, while others may operate in a wireless capacity entirely. In such cases, command and control hardware communicates using Wi-Fi or other proprietary protocols, making the automation of your home simpler than imagined. If you have Internet access and proper equipment to perform the tasks you desire, the first door to home automation is now open. There is room for growth as the need arises, such as adding wireless shade control or networked audio as just two examples.

Revience to the rescue…

Assuming that you are interested in some level of home automation, our expert consultants at Revience are skilled at evaluating the possibilities in your existing home or advising you on a forthcoming build. Once viability has been established, our design team begins crafting the most appropriate solution, taking into account structural variables, necessary hardware, your budget and the expectations you have. Ranging from a basic system such as remote lighting control, to a comprehensive package of complete control and convenience, if it can be done – we can do it!