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An audio/video receiver (AVR) is a consumer electronics component used in a home theater setting. Its primary purpose is to process audio and video signals from a number of sources and deliver them to your loudspeakers and a display such as a television, monitor, or video projector. Inputs may come from television tuners of the terrestrial or satellite variety, digital media players, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc players, and video game consoles to name a few. Source selection, audio video settings, and other parameters including volume, can be operated by remote control or from an app-based platform with certain receivers.

We have also come a long way from the days the simple days of connecting a cassette deck to a stereo receiver and two speakers – in terms of technology. The nerve center of a high performance home theater system is the AVR – providing multiple channels of amplification, utilizing one or more decoders for movie soundtracks which use a variety of encoding formats, and managing all of the inputs and outputs of a complex system. Designed to drive anywhere from 5 to 9 speakers or more, home theater amplification technology has become more powerful and efficient over the years, all while providing greater fidelity and  less distortion of the original input signal.

Most quality receivers offer specialized Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) made for handling various presets and audio effects such as speaker-specific levels and surround modes. Some of our receivers can convert from one video format to another, commonly known as upconversion or transcoding.  For example, you can take an analog video signal from a standard DVD player and scale it to a higher resolution before sending it to your display device. Other features such as LAN connectivity allow the use of various Internet applications, compatibility with streaming digital media, plus remote configuration of settings and software updates.

Multi-room audio solutions are built into some of the higher end receivers, allowing them to either power speakers in other areas of your home, or feed auxiliary amplifiers with source information that can then be distributed in whatever fashion the external components allow. Enjoy a movie in your theater room while the kids listen to their favorite music in other rooms of the house – all at the same time.

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