Today’s smartest homes provide security, safety, efficiencies, conveniences and entertainment.

We want our homes to do more and be more — but with less complexity.

With the advent of WFH (work from home), remote learning, aging in place and other societal changes, we now spend more time in our homes than ever before.  It’s estimated we currently spend 62% of our daily lives inside our residences, a percentage likely to increase.

Revience was created to address this change.

Kurt Gonyea, Revience founder and “chronic” tech enthusiast, is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate technologies that can keep pace with the evolving and creative ways we use our homes.  He discovered a glaring (and complicating) disconnect between important players: technology providers, electrical services and cabinet/space management companies.

Revience intelligently fills this gap by blending the missing members and creating a team of exceptionally seasoned experts:

Revience (EHS)

Vetsch Custom Cabinets

Engaged Electric (a division of EHS)

Together we work with contractors, architects and designers, as well as directly with homeowners, to provide single source smart-home solutions like no others. Revience delivers planning, design, production, and installation of the specific strategies that will match your house to your lifestyle, within an exceptional overall experience.

 “The team did a great job staying on top of my project from beginning to end.  Greg and Rick helped me find the state-of-the-art home system for my new home, from security cameras to my audio system. I would highly recommend them.”

– Cathy, customer